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The National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work and Professional Practice at Bournemouth University specialises in providing high quality education, continuing professional development (CPD) and training for professionals within Health and Social Care.


CPD Courses

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We offer a portfolio of CPD courses designed to raise standards in social work practice and help social workers demonstrate their competence to work within complex situations. We also offer bespoke and tailored programmes of evaluation to meet local and unique requirements.

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BU Climb

BU Climb

In 2014, The Centre for Leadership, Impact and Management in Bournemouth (CLiMB) was created. CLiMB is the primary focus for Bournemouth University support to leaders at all levels within health and social care.




Delivering tangible and measurable results in our courses is rooted in all that we do. We believe that by improving the quality of social work practice with individuals and through partnering with organisations we make a vital contribution to society in general and vulnerable people in particular.


Latest Research

  • Financial Scamming and Fraud

    Financial scamming and its impact have been receiving a higher public profile in recent months, yet though it is a recognised as a growing problem, there is a lack of clear research and evidence into the scale of the problem, its causes and the impact on the public. The National Read More
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