Are you interested in LGBT and ageing issues?

Are you interested in LGBT and ageing issues? If you are you may like to attend an event on Saturday 7 November at Bournemouth University. This is being run as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science.


We have training and development tools to share to engage people to think about the discrimination experienced by older gay or lesbian service users and what to do about it. These include the award-winning short film RUFUS STONE and the Methods to Diversity deck of cards. We have used both the Method Deck of Cards and the film RUFUS STONE to raise awareness of the needs of older LGBT for those who provide services to them. RUFUS STONE is based on three years of a Research Council UK funded study of the lives of older lesbians and gay men in south west England and Wales, a part of the national New Dynamics of Ageing Programme of research. Winner of two awards at the prestigious Rhode Island International Film Festival in 2012, the film has gone on to be screened at film festivals, other universities in the UK, USA and Canada and by organisations such as Alzheimer’s Society UK, LGBT groups, and health, social and ageing support networks. Author and Executive Producer of RUFUS STONE, Dr, Kip Jones, has written widely in the academic press and elsewhere on the process of collecting the biographic material and subsequently his writing the story for the film.

The Method Deck of Cards was developed with funding from the Big Lottery fund and in partnership with a steering group of older LGBT people.

The aim of the event on 7th November is to share our tools with you and hear the stories from others who have used them. We are inviting them to discuss how they have used the two learning tools within their organisations’ activities and get your take on our efforts.

Copies of the film and Method Deck will be available for free to new participants!

Facilitators Drs Lee-Ann Fenge & Kip Jones, Department of Social Work and Social Sciences, Bournemouth University

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