The DANI Report

Dr Jane Murphy

The long awaited report of the Care Quality Commission’s ‘Dignity and Nutrition Inspection (DANI) Programme ’ findings were published today presenting a snapshot of the current situation in our hospitals and care homes. 

This is the first time that 500 care homes across England have been inspected and yet only the second time that dignity and nutrition has been addressed albeit in 50 hospitals this time.

Whilst reassuringly the majority of care homes are meeting these indicators, there remains still unacceptably large numbers of older people in care who are not always supported to eat and drink sufficient amounts and not meeting their nutritional needs.

red-apple-fruits_w725_h457-300x189There are failures in the system to identify malnutrition (under-nutrition) or provide adequate support for those at risk of malnutrition particularly in conditions like dementia.

It is clear that we need to encourage and ensure best practice by ensuring all staff have the appropriate skills through education and training,  to understand the needs of older people so that they are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve at all times.

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