Leadership and Management Framework

leadershipThe Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work at Bournemouth University has recently published a new report entitled ‘Leadership and Management Development for Social Work and Social Care: Creating Leadership Pathways of Progress’. It is a ground-breaking report co-authored by Professor Keith Brown, Director of the Centre, and Jane Holroyd, MBE on behalf of Learn to Care, the body which represents workforce development managers from all local authorities in England.

The report provided the UK’s first framework for establishing an effective Leadership and Management pathway in social work and social care whilst providing evidence of positive impacts made by authorities who have piloted the leadership modules within the pathway.

This new framework has been developed on a new underpinning theory and approach; Self-Leadership which critically emphasises the quality of thinking and developing the abilities to manage self as part of improving personal and organisational performance.

The report also highlights the critical role of assessment of learning by designing clear assessment strategies based on reflective practice.  The candidates on the pilot sites were able to apply and develop their learning in practice within a leadership context, allowing for safe and effective leadership practice to be assessed.  There was also a broader evaluation of the significance of change and development within the pilot sites.  An evaluation strategy was developed and used to measure and quantify the scale and significance of the change within the whole organisation and led to employers seeing real and significant return on investment.

Conor Burns, MP for Bournemouth West, has hailed the framework as enormously important for the future of long term care in the online casino UK.  With respect to the majority of the strategies that social work/care employers utilise for their staff including leadership development he stated,

“What we are currently doing with social work and social care training is teaching without testing and training without measuring the impact,” he said. “As a state, we are spending millions and millions and not questioning the effectiveness of that spend. Ensuring the quality of care is a growing issue that will dominate the political debate in Britain and all other western countries for decades ahead. People are living for much longer than previous generations and our entire social model is going to have to adapt to reflect that and also in a scenario where there isn’t going to be a lot of money around.”

The Leadership and Management programmes at Bournemouth University are based on the experience and development of this framework.