Lord Justice Munby,David Hewitt, Gary Fitzgerald and Rob Brown….a dream team, thankyou! #SMCC2012

by Di Galpin.
When thinking about whom to invite as keynote speaker for the conference my first choice was Lord Justice Munby, so I rang the High Court and the rest is, as they say, history! It was a good choice, I hope you think so too.  The aim of this conference was always to provide front line practitioners and managers with a day to stop and reflect, space to think and time to refresh themselves.  We hope we acheived this.

Keynote speakers: The Right Hon. Lord Justice Munby, David Hewitt, Robert Brown and Gary Fitzgerald

The post qualifying team at Bournemouth University had at the forefront of our minds, when organising this event, that this was a day for you, to thank you for all the hard work you do.

Safeguarding Adults and Mental Capacity are increasingly important, and complex, areas of practice.  As we progress new issues and questions arise, yet within the midst of that complexity we never forget there is a person, someone in need.  Whilst the media rightly exposes the failings of the system it is important for us to also celebrate the little successes you acheive on a daily basis, which are never featured in the media or seen by wider society, but make a difference to someone’s life.

It is right not to be complacent, however, it is also right to be confident, confident that you do make a difference and that you will continue to make a difference in the future.

We would really like to thank all  of the speakers, who gave their time freely, each of whom was very individual but together provided an impressive line up.  Thank you, attendees, for coming along and participating, people came from all over the country (Edinburgh, Hull, Manchester, Ipswich, Cornwall, Devon, London, Dorset etc).  We hope you keep in contact with us via my blog and/or twitter.  We have already had disuscussions this morning about next year!  Your ideas are welcome!