Children and Domestic Abuse Workshops


Thanks to all who attended the Children and Domestic Abuse Workshops and provided such interesting and informed discussion of the issues surrounding domestic violence and its impact on young people. As promised, please find below the workshop materials and group work from the day.

abuse-workshopsHelen’s presentation


Different types of abuse (post its activity)

What children may say or do to communicate that they are in distress both consciously and unconsciously

What possible responses might there be from a member of staff who suspected that a child in their care was at risk – how might this differ between experienced and inexperienced staff

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Children and domestic abuse workshops

29th October 2013

Helen Nelder has teamed up with The National Centre for Post-Qualifying Social Work at Bournemouth University to deliver a structured, half-day programme of training for front line and support workers whose clients have experienced domestic abuse.


Training is divided into 2 morning sessions and comprises a mix of presentations and interactive exercises, with information about national and local services. After the structured training is complete Helen is available to stay on and answer questions. Support for delegates who may be affected by any of the issues raised will be available throughout the day. A quiet area is also available.

Session 1

With the aid of video clips of her acclaimed play, w@rn, Helen presents a powerful and articulate analysis of her own experience of surviving an abusive relationship. Participants are also divided into smaller groups for Helen to run interactive exercises using a variety of stimulus materials. Groups discuss different subjects relating to domestic abuse and present their conclusions to the audience. With a view to refining and raising standards, Helen invites delegates to consider what it is like to be a victim in a place of supposed safety – your own home.

Session 2

Presentation from University and Helen of relevant information for delegates e.g. local and national organizations that deal with domestic abuse, diversity, forced marriage, FGM.

Training objectives

  • Enable participants to understand how it actually feels for adults and children to live in an abusive relationship
  • Demonstrate the impact that domestic abuse has on the lives of the families of victims
  • Motivate and challenge delegates to improve their professional practice
  • Improve inter-agency partnership and working relationships and facilitate the necessary development of a unified approach to domestic abuse

Helen-NelderAbout the speaker

Helen Nelder is a theatrical writer whose acclaimed play, w@rn, is a moving and gritty exploration of middle class domestic abuse.   Helen has been raising awareness of domestic abuse issues as a speaker since the play’s first performance in 2000. Based on meticulous research and personal experience, both w@rn and the W@rn DVD Training Pack have been used extensively in training, nationally and abroad.   Helen has been providing domestic abuse education and training for a wide variety of organizations around the country for a number of years, including Home Office Conferences, Victim Support Conferences both nationally and regionally, the Magistrates Association and the judiciary, as well as Community Safety teams and regional branches of Women’s Aid, Sussex and Hampshire Police.