Safeguarding Adults and Mental Capacity Conference

Safeguarding Adults and Mental Capacity Conference

The much awaited Safeguarding Adults and Mental Capacity Conference was held on Friday 16th November, we would like to thank the four keynote speakers and all that attended for making this such an interesting and successful day.


The National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work is a leading provider of post qualifying social work education and CPD in the UK.  We are committed to supporting professionals, and the organizations they work in, to improve practice with those who use health and social care services.  As part of our commitment to the sector we hosted this conference and offered it free to attendees.

Professionals in health and social care settings are required to make difficult decisions in complex situations, where safeguarding an adult at risk of harm and issues around mental capacity are at the forefront of practice. Increasingly practitioners, and the organisations they work in, are required to both empower and protect those most vulnerable in society; however, promoting liberty, autonomy and protection can be a difficult balancing act.   The question many professionals are asking is how do we apply adequate safeguards to ensure an appropriate balance between the right of the individual to live their lives as they choose without interference from the state and a professional duty to ensure individuals at risk of harm are protected?


At the heart of the Safeguarding Adults and Mental Capacity Conference was a desire to contribute to this debate and develop professional knowledge to support decision making when supporting those adults most vulnerable and at risk of harm without compromising those same individuals right to live their life as they choose. 


Opening Video introducing the National Centre for Post-Qualifying Social Work.

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