Draft Safeguarding Framework for Christian Faith Contexts – Consultation Document

The National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work and Professional Practice at Bournemouth University has a proud history of working at the forefront of complex social issues within our society. We work with a number of governmental departments and bodies and have previously developed and published The National Competency Framework for Safeguarding Adults, The National Mental Capacity Act Competency Framework and The National Mental Capacity Forum  Advice on Next of Kin: Understanding decision making authorities, amongst other advice.

It is from this professional practice background that we wanted to offer a comprehensive set of advice and guidance in the area of safeguarding for those working within a faith based context. In developing this framework, we recognise that there are examples of good practice in Christian safeguarding and that there are organisations working to continue to develop safeguarding policy and practice in this area. The Christian church has a long and justifiably proud history and reputation for working with and alongside those who are the most deprived and marginalised within our society and it could be argued that this need is greater today than for many years.

The framework is currently under consultation, if you would like to download a draft version of this framework please click here >> Download Framework