Delivering tangible and measurable results in our courses is rooted in all that we do. We believe that by improving the quality of social work practice with individuals and through partnering with organisations we make a vital contribution to society in general and vulnerable people in particular.

The Centre’s research programme is designed to improve the effectiveness of social work practice in order to protect the most vulnerable members of our society. Empirical research demonstrates impact in the efficacy of the practice of social work practitioners, to improvements in the effectiveness of social work practice in general.

Research Project Reports

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Leadership and Management Resources

Journal Articles


Oliver, S., Burls, T., Fenge, LA., & Brown, K. (in press) Safeguarding Adults and Mass Marketing Fraud – perspectives from the Police, Trading Standards and the Voluntary Sector, Journal of Social and Family Welfare Law

Fenge, LA. Hodges, C., and Cutts, W. (in press) Performance Poetry as a method to understand disability,  FQS Forum: Qualitative Social Research Sozialforschung.

Olivier, S., Burls, T., Fenge, LA. and Brown K. (2015) ‘’Winning and losing’’: vulnerability to mass marketing fraud. Journal of Adult Protection, 360-370

Hean, S., Staddon, S., Fenge, LA, Clapper, A., Heaslip, V. and Jack, E. (2015) Improving collaborative practice to address offender mental health: criminal justice and mental health service professionals’ attitudes towards interagency training, current training needs and constraints, Journal of Research in Interprofessional Practice and Education , 5(1) 

Fenge, LA., Howe, K., Hughes, M., and Thomas, G. (2014) The Social Work Portfolio: A student’s guide to evidencing your practice, Open University Press

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Research Blogs

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Articles in the Media

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